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Image Lately I have been seeing many posts around the Internet about how JavaScript should be the programming language you learn, even if it is the ONLY one you learn. You may be asking yourself “Why’s that?”. Well, let me tell you why. Javascript is basically the reason that web users are able to input information and interact with websites. Let me iterate what Hack Reactor (andwhere I am citing some information from in this post, link to actual blog post @ Hack Reactor below) co-founder, Shawn Drost, shared about the technical side of JavaScript and how it works in conjunction with different websites; “Gmail and Google Maps were the first ‘rich client apps’ – applications where the HTML was generated in the browser, by Javascript (the only language that runs in the browser), using data gathered in the background from servers,” Drost explains. “This architectural style offers interactivity features that aren’t possible in the old model, and as such, most of the applications you interact with daily are now built in this manner (or transitioning to it). We’re in a very exciting era, and we have an opportunity to educate the first native speakers of this new paradigm. When you think about how integral that JavaScript/browser relationship is to our web user experience, you start to understand how incredibly valuable  learning the language can be for a future computer programmer.”

That being stated, this is a perfect example of why you should learn JavaScript if you’re looking to pursue a career in computer programming or just interested in learning how to code in general. 

Learn JavaScript If It’s the Only Thing You Do

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