I would like to share an idea I have. I’d like this idea to be an open source idea where many different people contribute their ideas to it. My reasoning for this is because if a variety of people contribute to this one project, then this one project will be directed at an even wider range of people, mainly developers (you’ll see why this is soon). So, lets get down to business here. My idea is for a website at first, then possibly expanding to the iOS, Android, and Windows Phone platforms as an application. The website would be a place for developers and people who work in the technology field to come and share their ideas, meet people who share the same interests, collaborate code and ideas, etc. all in one place. It would be along the lines of a social media site, but aimed specifically at developers. I’m sure there are website’s similar to this already in existence, but I would really like to create my own spin-off. I believe that this website could be a success if I approach it the right way. I wouldn’t start this with the mindset of taking over existing similar services, but rather as being another resource for their users to use in order to find the best possible solution for the problem or issue they are facing, if any.

The site could have sections that are catered to different types of developers, platforms, services, and categories of apps. Also, the site could feature a forum where users can go to discuss current events in technology such as startups, investments being made, etc.

I’d really like to know what people think of this idea. Obviously, this is just the very beginning stages of this idea and there is still much more to it. Any comments / suggestions are welcome!